by Coed Pageant

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released October 17, 2014

Written, recorded, & produced at The Palace Flophouse in Chico, CA. Mastered by Chris Learned (chris_learned@hotmail.com)
“©” 2014

With: Jesse W Johnson (extra guitar on tracks 1 & 6)

Art by ROOFTOPHOWL STUDIO (rooftophowl.com)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Our Bar
wasn't all that long ago
surrounded by people we know
we could let the days pass fast or slow
now desperately we cling
to every stupid thing
trying to keep the sun from setting

it used to be in our hometown
that people liked to stick around
it kept the lonely feelings down
but now they're coming up
now they won't shut up...

this used to be our bar
monday night dollar pbr
hide the keys to our friends' cars
but now nobody's here
to distract us from the fear
that we exist then disappear

what'd they do to me
heaven all to myself when all i wanted was company

going out to local shows
haunted by all our closest ghosts
and all the songs have different notes
and no one knows the words
but they sing them anyway
and we pretend not to notice it

what'd they do to me
heaven all to myself when all i wanted was company
Track Name: Drag
be young and then be over it
bleed out in this parking lot
cough up your remaining cigarettes
be here and then be not

sleep sweet prince of bad decisions
sleep lover of too much love
always listening to terrible music
and always turning your speakers up
always turning your speakers up

born on the back road to nowhere
on the summer-warmed asphalt and tar
if you find any of this worth fighting for
please let us know which ones they are
please let us know which one it is

it's not easy for this chosen lot
who dine on the marrow of bones
that god and the passing of time both forgot
who drive completely unaware
that they've each got a one out of twenty-five shot
that the lasting impression they'll leave on this earth
will be a pair of skid marks on an old county blacktop
where nobody ever goes
where nobody ever goes

you restless fools who drag through the dirt
with holes in your work jeans and stains on your shirt
wearing your curses so thickly you don't
ever really get hurt

until you do and then it's over
and the white dust settles out on loose gravel shoulders
while the wheels finish spinning in the air
and the terrible music still blares

and what are these crosses sitting next to this road for

so give back to god everything he'll still take
and return to the devil everything that's his
if there's anything left you're still clinging to after that
just lie here and try to forget what it is
lie here and try to forget what it is
Track Name: Schoolyard Town
it was colder than we expected
still wearing our summer clothes
when the sun went down on schoolyard town
we stayed out until our knuckles froze
listening to the revolutions
of tires on familiar roads
and the promising glow of headlights
being someone we used to know

and these vampires will by you drinks
day after bloodsucking day
too young to be an alcoholic yet
but something wicked's coming this way
it'll find us at one am
in a laundry mat parking lot
for reasons we couldn't put into words
that would satisfy the local cops

i won't miss you
as badly as you think i should
after the day we set the terms
on which we will part ways for good
and this town will be standing
long after the day
that one of us finally makes something
that the other can't just wash away
Track Name: Paper Thin
utterly unemployable
poor and walking home from a party with you
spending two dollars and eighty-nine cents
on paper thin gloves from a drug store on north grand avenue

you say you can't feel your legs
and I'm pretty sure you don't want to
because we can't take the bus home now
though that's what you had intended we do

tomorrow will be awful
but tonight we don't have to feel anything at all
i can go home when we get back to your place
or i can stay and get warm it's really your call

i never did that much damage
when i was young
i've been thinking it's high time
that i finally destroy someone
how about you
how about me
and this whole frozen ghost of a city
get together and write down
all the options where next year comes and we're not around

if tomorrow comes with strong coffee
everything will seem less dramatic
you'll tell me "you're not leaving"
why would you even think that

so totally unemployed
and happy to be able to sleep in late
because we're nowhere near your house yet
and i'm already getting a headache
Track Name: Feeding the Fear
if i'm being honest
i'd do it again
the good with the bad part
beginning middle and end

driving half the night just
to wake up on your floor
always being asked how long i'm staying
and never really being sure

because you seem so indifferent to me sometimes
in some situations
then heat up like a furnace without warning
or sane explanation

acting like friends
and sleeping like friends
coming for the night
staying all weekend
nothing ever changes
but eventually one of us might try to force it

and if i'm being honest
it's gonna be me
i could've told you from day one
exactly how it would be:

i'll start looking for reasons
to keep ending up here
and when you won't give me one
i'll start feeding the fear

how you can hold your alcohol
while i can hold my tongue
how we can seem perfect together
without really having fun

kissing like friends
and touching like friends
never firm plans to ever do it again
if nothing ever changes
we'll do it again
just as long as nobody's ever lonely

if i'm being honest
it's pretty much guaranteed
that sooner or later
you'll find what you really need
and it won't be me

and if i'm being honest
i'll do it again
as soon as you let me
i'll probably do it again
Track Name: Salvage the Summer
tongues too young for poetry
and too obviously inexperienced to hide
all the genuine sincerity
with which we recite all these flawlessly memorized lines

i know that we are not in love
curse these sap poets for what they've convinced us of
if somebody'd warn us just before the plane goes down
maybe we could jump off a few inches above the ground
and salvage this summer

way too young to make any sense
of how the passing of time could make the slightest bit of difference
or how certain factors might still come into play
how brilliance at night might seem stupid in the sober light of day

i know that she is not the one
and she'll know it too in a couple months
when i show my true colors and she recognizes her true taste
and all this bad poetry starts to seem like huge waste
but if we keep our wits about us and acknowledge our mistakes
then it could still be a good summer

i know that we are not in love
curse these sap poets for what they've convinced us of
if somebody'd warn us just before the plane goes down
maybe we could jump off a few inches above the ground
and salvage this summer